The EASYCUBE® solutions:

From a single room unit with private lavatory to a dormatory that can sleep a few hundreds of persons , the EASYCUBE® accommodation solutions meet precisely all our customers’ needs. We determine together the expected standard of living and make customizedly these secured accommodations. They can be air conditioned and connected to a water network, in any kinds of environment and any people based on your operation site.
Mechanical workshops:
Once the surface is defined by the customer in compliance with the required additional equipments – such as compressed air, a portable crane, a bridge crane, a pit…) the EASYCUBE® mechanical workshops may be used as a supply chain platform or as a lift station. To make an optimal use of these units, we can also integrate an office space.
From a single air conditioned boarding office to the design of a wide open space, the EASYCUBE® office solutions make possible a quick implementing of a comfortable and functional environment. These solutions are in compliance with every specific need of our clients. They enable an efficient and more timely implementation at lower cost on your construction sites throughout the world.
Industrial kitchen:
With all the Dreyer acquired expertise in the manufacturing and the assembly of cold rooms, EASYCUBE® is up to propose tailored and optimal industrial kitchens. Their design is fully in accordance with the customers’ needs, both in terms of size and equipments. We can also take over the management of specific purchases related to this infrastructure.
Commercial agency:
The EASYCUBE® solutions also enable to create spaces dedicated to your commercial activities directly on your on-site installation, while taking into account your architectural identity, visibility and flow management within your premises. Tailoredly designed according to your specific needs, your commercial agency may be provided with a meticulously designed reception and offices.
Container refurbishing:
Our container refurbishing services offer the unique opportunity to give a second lease of life to your containers by transforming them in accordance with your most specific needs. They are on-site refurbished thanks to some kits sent from our factories. Once the containers refurbished, they can be used as offices, storage space or accommodation. They are ready-to-use, insulated and secured.
Technical shelter:
The technical shelter module enables our customers to host and secure all types of equipments and sensitive products such as electromechanical, computer-based, mechanical tools or some chemical compounds. This customized solution can be applied to a single electricity meter as well as a surface area of hundreds m2 fitted with a generator.
Shower rooms:
We offer you different solutions of shower rooms in accordance with the desired standard of living criteria ( common, individual, toilets…). We also ensure the management of internal or external sanitary facilities as well as the connection and the implementation to the waste water system.
Hosting of local people:
Besides the construction sites, all the EASYCUBE® solutions are workable in the framework of hosting local populations in extreme conditions, especially in refugee camps through the creation of sanitary facilities, some storage facilities providing first aid supply, food, shelter and other basic necessities, even in poorly accessible places.
Improvement of existing buildings:
Are you looking for rearranging an existing workplace ? For separating some offices from your industrial buildings ? For redesigning the layout of the living spaces on your construction site ? For extending your workshops ? EASYCUBE® provides you various solutions to optimize your surfaces and your organization, especially the partitioning and the refurbishing of the rooms as well as the refreshing of your external facades by fixing some facing panels.
Additional services:
Thanks to the establishment of long-lasting partnerships with some stakeholders from various sectors of activity, we are also able to offer to our customers a large range of associated services, particularly in terms of the provision of furniture and equipments. We also endeavor to provide other services related to security, catering, water supply, electricity power or fencing.
Custom solutions:
Besides these many different solutions, the EASYCUBE® solutions can be adapted to your very specific needs. To this end, do not hesitate to contact us, we will quickly find solutions combining quality, functionality and simplicity. Thanks to our custom and turnkey solutions, optimizing your works is only limited by your needs.