A subsidiary of the DREYER group, specialized in manufacturing and installation of refrigerated rooms for more than 30 years , the EASYCUBE company has inherited from its mother company expertise in terms of engineering and manufacturing.
Headquartered in the Avignon Technology Park, EASYCUBE® has its own dedicated Research & Development department, composed of architects , engineers and industrial designers. In order to provide continuous improvements in terms of processing, materials, comfort, quality of modular solutions, the EASYCUBE experts have been designing products via a software designed and upgraded in house for more than 20 years. Then, the EASYCUBE® modules are manufactured in a group plant located in Vedène, in the Vaucluse region

Our group in figures:

  • Year of foundation Dreyer: 1980
  • Turnover : 20M€
Our Staff:
  • 35 people (Headquarters)
  • 20 people (Plant / Factory)
  • 3 people (Paris Office)
  • 40 supervisors
  • Panels: 200,000m²/Year
  • Doors: 5,000 units/Year

Our headquarters:

Our plant:

Located in Vedène at 10 minutes from our headquarters in Avignon, our plants are extended over 15,000 m2 in which every possible effort is daily implemented to demonstrate high responsiveness and high speed production process. The variety of materials (such as aluminum,duralinox, pvc…) the expertise of our production teams, our technological abilities to produce, on an industrial scale, high quality standard products (such as panels, doors, windows…) and some on-site certifications (Veritas, SGS…) are all assets that enable EASYCUBE® to have the most optimal solutions in the market. .