The EASYCUBE® modular construction concept:

A cost-saving, ethical and environment friendly solution for your projects.
Either standard or customized, temporary or permanent, our high-quality insulated and sustainable modules meet all your needs.
Our process:
  • Demand analysis and budgetary analysis
  • Plans designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics
  • On-site assembly
  • Additional services
Your turnkey project:
From a comprehensive analysis of your needs to the manufacturing of specific modules in our plants, from the international supply chain management to the supervising of on-site assembly and to the implementing of additional services, we are able to manage your project from start to finish. Acting as the unique contact, we can assure you a significant saving time and an optimal efficiency.
Customized services:
Whether it is for standard or specific buildings, each EASYCUBE® is unique and therefore it is dealt with accordingly. Step by step, we are tailoring our solutions to your needs, while taking into account your budgetary envelope, your internal policy and the legal constraints of the intervention area. We have an open ear to provide you a comprehensive offer fully meeting your requirements.
A cost-effective transportation:
Thanks to an optimal packing in terms of volume and handling, the EASYCUBE® in kit solutions are both a powerful economic and ecological interest, regarding their transportation around the globe. Thus, while reducing your costs, you do a meaningful gesture for environment by limiting the use of vehicles for site trunking the modules.
A quickly ease of assembly:
Thanks to our innovative design, our modules are assembled in a record time – Only one day to assemble one module ! Besides, our technology does not require any lifting devices. The EASYCUBE® kits can be built on whatever kind of lands, even hard places to get. However, when necessary, we offer an assembly surpervising service.
Environment friendly solutions:
The EASYCUBE® modular solutions have been sustainably designed while respecting environment, through the using of ozone-friendly insulating materials. In addition, with high quality insulating panels, the use of air conditioning system is reduced. A low carbon footprint in terms of transportation and virtually zero for assembly process and also a design that enable dismantling and recycling at 90%.
Hiring local workers:
With the simplicity of manufacturing our modules and the easy handling of the assembly, the construction of an EASYCUBE® site is likely to represent a major source of employment, in the developing countries. Indeed, the assembly of modules is harmless for the installers and requires only individual protective equipments (I.P.E)
Additional services:
Because each project required additional specific needs, we also propose you a large range of associated support services related to civil engineering, sewage treatment, fencing, power supply and also catering. Feel free to contact to define your project together.
An optimized design for international support:
Thanks to the EASYCUBE® modules design ,making them easy to transport and assemble, and our expert team proven track in international project management, we are able to operate optimally on whatever type of project, in all kinds of environment, worldwide.