Code of Ethics

Our key principles and commitments:
– Acting in compliance with laws and regulations.
– Displaying loyalty, integrity and honesty.
– Respecting local populations and future generations.
– Minimizing drastically our environmental impact.

In response to these principles and commitments, here is a non-exhaustive list of articles included in the EASYCUBE® Code of Ethics by all the employees of the company.

Our policy on national laws:
Anyone acting on behalf of EASYCUBE® or any employee is required to behave and to act in compliance with laws and obligations related to the countries in which they operate.

Our policy regarding our partner’s internal policy:
Anyone acting on behalf of EASYCUBE® in collaboration with a partner corporation is required to comply to the internal policy of this latter, in so far this one does not infringe neither the laws in force in the intervention area nor the EASYCUBE® Ethical code and policy.

Our policy on business relationships:
For all businesses relations introduced by EASYCUBE® with suppliers, users or governments, whether natural or legal persons, the EASYCUBE® employees shall not accept gifts,favors or services from any person or firm, which may influence or give the appearance of influencing purchasing decisions.

Our policy on human resources and conflict of interests:
The EASYCUBE® properties and resources should be used for the benefit of the company, whether they are physical (funds, equipments, supplies, workshops…) or non-physical ones (clients and prospects list, non-public financial information, business plan and financial forecasts, in-house softwares, innovative product or service development.

Privacy policy:
The EASYCUBE employees, who have access to confidential information of a technical, financial or business nature, commit to maintaining them confidential, unless information is required to be disclosed by law or by an accurate task as part of their mission.

Our human ressources policy:
All the relationships between the human resources direction and the employees, including also the recruitment, promotions, the appointment of functions and objectives, training and salary level, shall be treated on a basis of equality and non-discrimination based only on their talent, skills and knowledge.

Our policy on harassment in the workplace:
Harassment in the workplace, of any forms and to any persons –employees, subcontractors, suppliers or customers -will not be tolerated.

Our reporting policy:
Any incident or behavior involving a non-compliance with the EASYCUBE® Code of Ethics will have to be reported very quickly to the general management which will take all the necessary actions.

Our alcohol and drug policy:
It shall be the duty and responsibility of EASYCUBE® to develop and support safety and health lifestyle to all the people working for our company at the headquarters, in the factories and on each construction site. Thus, EASYCUBE® has a zero tolerance policy regarding people under the influence of intoxicating agents in the workplace or driving to their workplace. In this situation, the employee will be immediately dismissed from the company.

Our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy:
The most important aspect of success for EASYCUBE® is to protect the health and safety of its employees and partners while enabling them to work under the flag of excellence in terms of environmental performances. In this regard, EASYCUBE® is constantly working to improve its procedures and its methods of operations in order to reach « zero accidents ». This commitment to excellence leads to working methods minimizing adverse health and safety effects on EASYCUBE® employees as well as on the environment. At each level of our organization, everyone is committed to acting, in every way, in order to optimize our EHS policy, in definition and in practice, aiming at matching even exceeding the laws in force.