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A cost-saving, ethical and environment-friendly solution for your construction sites
From a range of single standard module to a set of several hundreds squared meters, customizedly designed by our engineers, EASYCUBE® has been conceived to meet the specific needs of every single company. Being designed to be transported and assembled easily, the EASYCUBE® autonomous modules make the assembly possible in a record time – without any lifting devices, only with the cooperation of local populations, with also a working environment and turnkey accommodations in any sites worldwide, even in the most remote areas. Accommodation, offices, mechanical workshop, industrial kitchen,commercial agency, machine room, shower room, reception area…With these EASYCUBE® ready-for-use premises and our full service package, Optimizing the profitability of your projects is only limited by your needs !

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Quick and easy assembly
Reduced transport costs
Customized services
Turnkey project
Hiring local workers
Environment friendly
Additional services
International response

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Located in the Avignon area, the EASYCUBE® headquarters and the manufacturing sites provide an international project managing service enabling us to operate efficiently on whatever type of works, wherever they are located in the world.

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